Sunday, September 21, 2014

Day 21, Pastels, Afternoon Jaunt

30 in 30 hosted by Leslie Saeta.

Afternoon Jaunt
8 x 10

It never fails, every year the deers come into the yard Up North and eat the newly planted flowers. Well it's more like, first they pull the plant out, eat what they like, then spit the roots out in the grass.  Then you remember who is eating these plants and it doesn't seem like such a big crime anymore. It's the neighborhood doe and her two fawns. They make scheduled visits during the day, once at 7AM then again at dusk. If momma gets a glimpse of you sitting at the kitchen table watching the babes, she'll let you know by stomping her foot at you in warning. As the summer progresses the fawns continue to grow and eventually are allowed to venture out on their own a bit. This little one and his sibling were playing unattended in the back, by the road, for over an hour. Terri and I had such a great time watching and photographing them.

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