Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Day 21, Oils,Daylilies

30 in 30 hosted by Leslie Saeta.

This is the second painting for the Rockford Art Guild traveling show called Mosaic. It will debut February 20th at the Nicholson Conservatory. The show will feature the Art Guilds many artists and the 8 x 8 canvasses will be available for a good price. I'm hoping to pick up a few myself. I keep on seeing so many really talented artists not selling as much as they should be, myself included, so there is some really great works at really affordable prices.

8" x 8"

Here's the thing with my paintings; most of the flower paintings are from my garden. This painting is no exception. I grow them, I photograph them - A LOT, then I paint them. I usually already have figured out composition at the time of shooting the photograph. So when I see a photo like this I like it as it is. The fence is now 16 years old and various colors of grey with moss growing on it, or whatever, gives it the green color. I love the texture contrast to the flowers. So I knew the fence was a little overpowering to the flower so I toned it down a bit, but Ugh! The fence is too much! I will be changing the background soon to something dark and much less active. Sometimes I just doesn't work just as we plan it. I will post the reworked painting when I'm done.

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