Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Day 6, Watercolors, On the Vine

30 in 30 hosted by Leslie Saeta.

Sometimes going back to one's comfort zone is a good thing. I like doing the abstracts and oil paintings, but when I do watercolors I feel like I'm home, like I have a lot more control over my work. I assume a lot of that has to do with familiarity. So, I have to push myself to do more in oils. But for today it's all about comfort.

I love growing tomatoes. The problem is; Spike, our lab, loves tomatoes too. Red or green it doesn't matter we'd find them half eaten all over the yard. So we tried to get clever by hanging the plants upside down and putting them in various containers. Nothing really worked very well. Then, one day my husband came home with a huge planter, for shopping malls, which we continue to use. It works well, and Spike can concentrate on the pear and apple trees.

          The Vine
                   5" x 7"

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