Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Day 26, Watercolors, Work in Progress

30 in 30 hosted by Leslie Saeta.

I have some watercolors that I have been working on for a long time. It's hard to paint everyday and not work on them. So yesterday I gave myself a treat and I worked on my Lily painting. It still has quite a ways to go and I 'm still figuring out the background - although I think I know what I want to do.

Work in Progress
11" x 17'

I was struggling with where to put my I pod while I painted. My husband bought me an I Pad clamp for my work desk. It can stand freely, or attach to a tripod. I'm loving it! I can paint and easily change Pandora channels or check social media quickly.

It also works great for Painting selfies: 

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