Thursday, January 29, 2015

Day 28, Pastels, Jardin des Tuileries

30 in 30 hosted by Leslie Saeta.
To simplify I have copied yesterday's Post. It actually took three days to complete but who's counting?

Jardin des Tuiliers
11.5" x 17"

(From 1/27/15)
Sorry to do a work in progress two days in a row but I couldn't help myself. I've been looking at this photograph for a few years now and have wanted to paint it. I'm interested in putting more people in my works. For me, this is a large pastel piece, 11" x 17". I felt that there was so much going on in this picture that it had to be big.

The Rockford Art Guild put forth a challenge for this month; use the theme of friendship. There are several kinds of friendships here; people you work with, family members, long time friends and acquaintances. This is a park cafe in Paris on a beautiful May day. I spent a lot of time with the background because I think it is so important to the story. The waiters fascinate me as do the cooks that are indicated only by their black outlines. I love the way the sun shines through the kitchenette revealing the park on the other side.

Tomorrow I will finish the rest of this pastel.

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